The Shop

Oddity Tattoo

Oddity Tattoo is located on Main St. in Sarasota Florida. Established in 2003, by Travis Franklin, Oddity is well known for its artistic approach to custom tattooing in a gallery atmosphere. All of the artists here at Oddity have a different style, giving you a variety of options as to who would be best suited to help you create your ideal design.

Oddity Tattoo is dedicated to upholding the quality and integrity of the tattoo industry, and surpasses the average standards and regulations that govern the industry. The staff here is trained in bloodbourne pathogens, principles of sterilization and aseptic control. Oddity Tattoo is fully licensed under the State of Florida Department of Health.


  • Main Street:
  • 1778 Main St. Sarasota FL. 34236
  • Tel: 941-955-6246
  • Store Hours: Sun - Thur 12 - 8pm | Fri & Sat 12 - 9pm
  • Bee Ridge Road:
  • 2775 Bee Ridge Rd Sarasota, FL 34239
  • Tel: (941)923-2ART (2278)
  • Store Hours: Sun - Thur 12 - 8pm | Fri & Sat 12 - 9pm