Ambo Hendon

Ambarish, or ‘Ambo’ as he’s called by his friends, comes to us from mysterious origins. It is rumored that he was actually born at the age of 3 at Ford Hospital in Detroit Michigan. From there things get less clear. He supposedly lived in France and then Israel until he surfaced at Booker High School in the late 90’s, graduated top of his class, and then went on to get a BA in illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design. He went on a long journey across the country and traveled the world through Europe and Asia. He has been 34 years old for the last 5 years and just recently turned 37. Now that he has found his way back to Sarasota Florida, he has completely dedicated his life to creating the best tattoos possible at Oddity for the last 4+ years. He firmly believes every tattoo is important, and that they all deserve 110% effort no matter the size or style. Lately Ambo has been pursuing illustrative blackwork, but still loves to do Japanese, neotraditional, and traditional tattoos. You can find him Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday at Oddity on Main Street.

Ambo's books are currently closed. To be added to his wait list click here or call 941-955-6246 with questions.