Anna Starr, tattoo Artist

Anna Starr

Anna Starr

Anna Starr is tattooing at Oddity Tattoo on Bee Ridge. She started with Oddity in August of 2021 and began tattooing in August of 2022. “Nothing has taught me more about life and myself than working in a tattoo shop,” says Anna. She continues, “I’m only in the beginning stages of my tattoo journey, but I can tell it’s going to help me be a better, stronger person.”

Anna’s lifelong love of art was supported by her family and friends. Even though Anna initially thought she might be better suited for a corporate art job, she started to realize her true path after getting tattooed herself. Her parents encouraged her to work hard and go for the dream tattoo career she really wanted. A gift from her parents, The Art of Animal Drawing, greatly influenced her passion for nature themed designs. She hopes to do many botanical and floral designs in the future.

An artist’s style will really begin to develop and evolve during their career. “I really want to do more Japanese and traditional work. Everything seems so intentional, and I’d love to explore that style,” says Anna.

Outside the shop, Anna is currently working on some smaller woodblock and linocut printmaking projects. “I think that will help me to learn how to design well and simplify,” says Anna, which are important concepts in tattooing.

The whole Oddity team is excited to witness Anna’s progression and see the work she turns out over the next few months and beyond. We have nothing by confidence in her talent and integrity.

Anna charges $125/hr

To schedule with Anna, call our Bee Ridge shop at 941 923 2278 or click here