April Dykes

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FL Dept of Health, Notarized Consent Form for piercing/minors

 I have always had an interest in various art forms of Body Modification. Deciding to explore my interests more in depth, I attended The Fakir Intensives Body Piercing Training Classes San Francisco, California in early 2015, with full intention of becoming a licensed Body Piercer. This course was taught by Fakir Musafar, A Master Piercer and Shaman with over 40 years of experience in the Body Arts. Starting in 1948, he has championed the ancient practices and modern techniques in general use today. Fakir is a Co-developer of the established techniques of contemporary body piercing. He has been called "Father of the Modern Primitive Movement". Fakir's Body Piercing Intensives is the ONLY COMPREHENSIVE course of instruction available today for those who would prepare themselves to do skilled, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and sophisticated body piercing. There I completed the Intensives course with flying colors! Obtained a certificate of completion, in which I had a great time! 

  While in San Francisco attending Fakir Intensives.  I had the pleasure of meeting the President of Almost Famous Body Piercing, they have numerous locations all throughout Minnesota. She invited me to attend her Piercing Central Training Classes, as well to finish out my apprenticeship under one of her Senior Piercers, Kassandra Goettl of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

  Over the Winter of 2015, I received additional training there in everything from, Aseptic Technique/First Aid & CPR /Blood Borne Pathogens Training/Infection Control Precaution Training/Prevention of Disease Transmission/ and The Understanding Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body. I’m happy to say I competed my apprenticeship and obtained my official Body Piercing license after months and months of hard work and preparation!   

 After my apprenticeship completion, when I’m not debating on the pronunciation of the word DAITH… I realized I enjoy piercing for so many reasons!! But of all, My favorite part of being a Body Piercer is the fact that I can help people with their appearance and self-confidence, adorning them with beautiful jewelry making them feel closer to how they imagine themselves wanting to look. Helping someone feel better about themselves is a very rewarding job to have. I can’t express how exciting it is for me to be a part in Oddity expanding, Nor would I choose any other place to start my journey as a professional body piercer.