Ashley Holland

Floridian since the age of 5, Ashley has always had an interest in making people feel more confident. First owning a spray tanning business which allowed her to work with people who were effected by skin cancers or medical sensitivities to the sun and proved to be the most fulfilling clients. Now being in the permanent cosmetics industry she is still able to make big changes in peoples lives that last a little longer than a spray tan. Whether you’re coming to help regain confidence after hair loss or if you’re just tired of drawing your eyebrows on everyday, Ashley extremely passionate about making her clients feel the best they can. When she’s not talking about eyebrows and spray tans she’s hanging out with her cats Maurice, Magnus & Mortimer and boasts a healthy ranking in most Call of Duty games.


To schedule a consultation and/or appointment with Ashley call 941 358 6338 or click here. You can also stop by Oddity on University at 6307 Center Ring Road in Sarasota. Follow Ashley on Instagram @cosmetic.oddity