Featured Artist Jason “Monti” Montenerri

Meet Monti,

I’m a goofy bastard who loves what he does. I’ve been tattooing for 18 years! And I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m well versed in many styles of tattooing. But have an affinity for the more goofy, light hearted and colorful  end of the craft. I love character and creature designs. I love art. And I LOVE YOU!

When it comes to tattooing, I have a real ” no nonsense” approach. I will always prefer to do a custom piece for you. And rightly so, I will try to steer you in that direction. Though, I’m not a rockstar who thinks tattooing is about him and will happily replicate if that’s what you want. I will always explain possible outcomes with designs. How they may age etc etc. At the end of the day, It’s your tattoo. Your experience. So it’s your call.
There is a possibility that I may not take on your project. If that’s the case, I will be upfront and honest as to why. And I will ALWAYS recommend another artist I feel best fits your needs. Sometimes, I’m just not the right fit. I will not take your money and fuck up your work just to do it. I conduct myself with honesty and integrity, and sometimes that means having to admit I may not be able to do the tattoo you seek.

Monti charges $200 per hour with a minimum of $100. Monti does not tattoo hands/fingers or minors.

To set up a Consultation or Appointment with Monti, call Oddity on Main Street at 941 955 6246 or click here

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