Oddity on Bee Ridge Welcomes Jeremy Bealer!

Get to know Oddity’s newest artist in this Q&A session! To schedule with Jeremy, call our Bee Ridge location at 941 923 2278 or email OddityonBeeRidge@verizon.net. View his work here

Q: When did you know you wanted to be an artist? What kind of encouragement did you get?

A: I’ve been drawing and painting and doing creative things as early as I can remember. Been making art my living since I was 15 when I graduated high school early and never looked back. How ever my mom never liked tattoos and was always upset when I came home with a new one… but after she realized I was just going to keep getting more she was a little more supportive, and by the time I started tattooing she was happy I found a career where I could prosper and make a living while being content creatively after spending years doing graphic design and being miserable doing corporate soulless artwork for companies who didn’t want to pay me what I was worth.

Honestly, tattooing wasn’t something I sought out or wanted to do until I got my apprenticeship. I was a graphic designer and painter before tattooing and an apprenticeship kinda fell into my lap at an unexpected time in my life, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made.


Q: How did you become interested in tattoos?

A: I grew up around bikers, I’ll never forget a family friend of ours had some skulls with flames on both sides of his head that I saw for the first time when I was probably 8 or 9 and I was just enamored by them… I remember thinking to myself “I’m gonna be fully covered” before I ever reached middle school. I tried giving myself a tattoo in 6th grade with a staple and pen ink… mom was most unhappy with my decision, and even more unhappy when I used a fake ID When I was 16 to get my first REAL tattoo (which has since been covered because 16 year olds make bad decisions, sorry mom)


Q: What current/ upcoming projects do you have that you are most excited about and why?

A: I just moved back down to Florida as of mid-January 2024 so no big tattoo projects down here currently as of yet. But plenty of paintings and other art projects that my adhd forces me to jump between.

I’m looking to book more large scale traditional work. Back pieces, heads, full thigh, stomach, etc. so if you are looking for sick tattoos that look like tattoos you know where to find me!


Q: What are some tattoos/artwork/concepts you would like to do in the future?

A: I’m a firm believer that bold will hold. I tattoo for longevity of a piece not for a 2×2 square photo on the internet. I believe following the rule of thirds (1/3 black, 1/3 skin tone, 1/3 color) along with bold single pass linework will keep your tattoo legible and clean for many years to come with little need for touch up or reworking the piece. With that said American traditional is always going to be my preferred style, but I also love illustrative and bright bold cartoony stuff.

I’ve played around with embroidered patchwork tattoos making the tattoo look like it’s embroidered directly in the skin and those are fun. And have a strong passion for 1930’s rubber hose animation (think old steamboat Willy black and white Mickey Mouse cartoon style stuff). Really anything the client is super passionate about is cool, as long as I can make their idea into something we are both proud of then I’m super into the project.


Q: What might surprise someone about being a tattoo artist and/or tattoos in general?

A: I’m not sure if this is true for all tattooers… but for myself, tattooing is 98% of my life. I’m at the shop tattooing and painting in my down time, then I go home and draw for appointments, paint, and sleep. Or I’m at a convention tattooing… all day every day… days off are spent painting flash, rebuilding machines, or something tattoo related. I haven’t had a real “vacation” every time I go anywhere it’s for the sole purpose of tattooing, and I’ve been lucky enough to tattoo in 29 different states and several countries at this point in my career. the other 2% of my life is spent eating, but I’m probably thinking about tattoos while that’s happening.. so if you don’t absolutely LOVE tattooing and are willing to sacrifice a ton of your life to dedicate to this craft, maybe you’re better off just being a client, because that’s what your life will likely become if you pick up a machine.

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