Artist Feature: Anna Starr

By Whitney Parnell | February 14, 2023
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Anna Starr is currently apprenticing at Oddity Tattoo on Bee Ridge. Anna started with Oddity in August of 2021 and began tattooing in August of 2022. “Nothing has taught me more about life and myself than working in a tattoo shop,” says Anna. She continues, “I’m only in the beginning stages of my tattoo journey, but I can tell it’s going to help me be a better, stronger person.”

                Anna’s lifelong love of art was supported by her family and friends. Even though Anna initially thought she might be better suited for a corporate art job, she started to realize her true path after getting tattooed herself. Her parents encouraged her to work hard and go for the dream tattoo career she really wanted. A gift from her parents, The Art of Animal Drawing, greatly influenced her passion for nature themed designs. She hopes to do many botanical and floral designs in the future.

An artist’s style will really begin to develop and evolve during their apprenticeship. “I really want to do more Japanese and traditional work. Everything seems so intentional, and I’d love to explore that style,” says Anna.

Outside the shop, Anna is currently working on some smaller woodblock and linocut printmaking projects. “I think that will help me to learn how to design well and simplify,” says Anna, which are important concepts in tattooing.

The whole Oddity team is excited to witness Anna’s progression and see the work she turns out over the next few months and beyond. We have nothing by confidence in her talent and integrity.

You can follow the link here to view Anna’s work. To schedule with Anna, call our Bee Ridge shop at 941 923 2278.

Oddity Presents ‘House of Mirrors’ at Big Top Brew Collective June 25th

By Whitney Parnell | June 17, 2022
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Join us at 7pm on Sat June 25th at Big Top Brew Collective (2507 Lakewood Ranch Blvd in Bradenton) for our newest exhibition, House of Mirrors. The Oddity artists are displaying works inspired Big Top’s newest beer line up. The new House of Mirror’s beers are a flipped version of Big Top’s most popular beers. Come try White Hawaiian Lion, West Coast Circus City, or Chocolate Key Lime Pie.

Oddity Welcomes Three New Artists!

By Whitney Parnell | September 30, 2021
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Over the past couple months Oddity Tattoo has been fortunate enough to add three new and exceptionally talented artists to the team. Oddity UTC has added Josh Genatossio and Monti Monteneri. Oddity on Bee Ridge has welcomed Sidro Nicholson.



Sidro started tattooing in 1994. Over those past 27 years, Sid has done just about everything! He would rather avoid labels when it comes to his personal style of tattooing. Staying versatile and focusing on doing clean tattoos are more of a priority than being known for a specific type of tattoo.  His favorite current project is an intense cover up on a hand that extends onto the fingers. “It was extremely challenging to cover so much and still keep it feminine and pretty,” said Sidro. You can follow the link here to view his work. To schedule a consultation with Sidro, call our Bee Ridge shop at 941 923 2278.



Over at the UTC shop, Monti already has several projects in the works he’s excited about.I am excited about each one because I have creative control over the imagery to create it the way I envision it,” says Monti. Monti is well versed in many styles and would love to do more Japanese monsters, comic book characters and other cool creature concepts in the future. Monti has been making art his whole life and fell in love with the process of turning his art into tattoos roughly 20 years ago. You can follow the link here to view his work. To schedule a consultation with Monti, call our UTC shop at 941 358 6338.



Josh recently moved to Sarasota from the Boston area. Josh started his tattoo career in 2010. His interest in visual art stemmed from music. “I was very involved with the hardcore music scene and tattoos were a big part of that,” says Josh. “I was playing in bands and drawing art for them, which turned into drawing tattoos. Soon after that, I decided to switch from music to tattoos,” he continues. Josh enjoys doing a wide range of styles from realistic to illustrative and neotraditional. “I would love to do some pop culture portraits of famous characters, mostly from the 80’s and 90’s,” says Josh. Some ongoing projects he is most excited about include a skeleton crypt themed sleeve and animal portraits. You can follow the link here to view his work. To schedule a consultation with Josh, call our UTC shop at 941 358 6338.

Artist Feature: Jamie Williams

By Whitney Parnell | September 25, 2021
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The whole Oddity team is super proud of our homegrown Junior Artist, Jamie Williams. Jamie started apprenticing with Oddity in the spring of 19’ and started tattooing in Fall 20’. While Jamie is currently working at Main Street, she has also spent a considerable amount of time at Bee Ridge and UTC learning from all resident artists.

“Tattooing has really consumed my entire life, so if you’re not totally invested and ready to eat/sleep/breathe tattoos, it’s not for you,” says Jamie. She continues, “I love the focus on the artistry of tattooing at Oddity, and when I started getting tattooed here, I knew I didn’t want to apprentice anywhere else.”

Jamie has always wanted a career where she could create every day. Friends and family encouraged her to seek out a field in art that would continue to grow. “My mom has always been super supportive of my endeavors,” she says. After high school, Jamie started getting tattooed and really enjoyed the time she spent at the shops. From there the goal of becoming a tattoo artist was cemented. She spent as much time as possible getting tattooed, asking questions, and building her portfolio.

As Jamie continues to learn, she will branch out into different styles and subject matter. Recently she began a Haku dragon piece she’s very excited about. She also has some upcoming larger Pokémon tattoos on her schedule she’s very much looking forward to. “I’d love to do some video game inspired tattoos; Metroid, Star Fox, Overwatch, LOZ or anything with cool character design and concepts,” says Jamie.

Watching Jamie’s growth over the span of her apprenticeship has been incredible. “I’m very thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given here at Oddity and couldn’t be happier to wake up every day and go to my dream job,” she says.

You can follow the link here to view Jamie’s work. To schedule with Jamie, call our Main Street shop at 941 955 6246.

Gift Card Giveaway!!! Now through Oct 11th

By Whitney Parnell | September 27, 2020
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Now through Sun Oct 11th, share and tag @odditytattoo in a photo of yourself wearing any Oddity tee or hat (or share the below image & tag three friends) on Instagram, to be entered to win! First place gets a $150 Oddity gift card, a tee and hat. Second place gets a $75 gift card, tee and a hat. Third place gets a $50 gift card. Winner will be announced 5 days after contest end. Gift cards are valid for tattoo (including cosmetic) work only. Check out the new tees, hoodies and hats here.


New New New

By melanie franklin | August 1, 2019
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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to our newly redesigned and updated website.  Although we had many good years with our previous site, we’re excited for this new format.

We’ve reworked the navigation to make it easier to find the Shop location and perfect artist for your next tattoo, piercing or just to see what our artists have been up to lately.

You’ll also find an up to date Instagram and Facebook feed on the home page to make sure you’re not missing anything!

Check out our blog section for our monthly articles, interviews and events.

You will now also be able to browse our online store with our newest Tees, Hats, Glasses, art work and much more.

We hope you’ll enjoy visiting us online and keep coming back as we will be adding even more engaging and fun content over the next few months.


Thank you!

Oddity Team

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