Q&A with Scott Olive

This week, Scott Olive from the Main Street shop replies to our questions with some straight to the point replies. 

Q: When did you know you wanted to be an artist? What kind of encouragement did you get?

A: I have no idea. It just slowly happened.


Q: How did you get interested in tattoos?

A: Saw hot emo chicks with tattoos.


Q: What current/ upcoming projects do you have that you are most excited about and why?

A: I do cool tattoos everyday so hard to pick one project.


Q: What are some tattoos/artwork/concepts you would like to do in the future?

A: Illustrative colored portraits.


Q: What might surprise someone about being a tattoo artist and/or tattoos in general?

A: I spend more time designing tattoos than doing tattoos and have mostly forfeited a social life to do good tattoos.


Q: Tell us about the first tattoo you got. Regrets?

A: Tribal on my upper back…saw the same tattoo on a girl as a chest piece about a month after I got it.


Q: Would you rather have a client ask for A portrait from a very unflattering photo OR purposefully misspelled lettering OR an upside-down tattoo?

A: Purposely misspelled lettering. If that is what they want I don’t mind doing it.


Q: A client wants a cute little butterfly tattoo. Where is the worst place they could ask you to put it?

A: Butthole or bottom of foot.

To schedule with Scott, call Main Street at 941 955 6246

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